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We are extremely blessed to have a group of talented, hardworking, and passionate volunteers that keep our church operations running smoothly. 

Finance Council

Sara Hawk, Kayla Keller, Pat Van Dyke, David Psotka, Max Schauf & Jeff Thompson



Pat Van Dyke & David Psotka


Pastoral Council

Rebecca Albers, Jill Gavin, Krisha Schauf, Eddie Vonnahme, Gary Van Dyke & Lee Dentlinger


Safety Committee

Amy McCasland, Steve Gehringer & Frank Hawk Jr.


Inspections & Facility Maintenance

Gary Van Dyke: (515) 238-4691


Music Ministry

Lesa Dembinski, Mary Seibert, Lyle Schwery, & Helen Gavin


Altar & Rosary

Knights of Columbus

Larry Bertrand: (254) 396-9551,


RE Director

Michelle Fick: (641) 297-2223,


STAT Leader

Alex Miller: (515) 961-3026


Liturgy Schedule

Jill Gavin: (515) 979-3196,


Funeral Dinner Coordinators

Margie Gehringer & JoEllyn Gavin



Joan Psotka (641) 297-2216


Hall Rental

Kayla Keller (515) 238-2944,


Welcome Spokesperson

Gary Van Dyke: (515) 238-4691

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